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About Us

Kenza-Wood is a manufacturer of wooden stakes made of high quality Nordic pine, the main feature of those is durability and environmental friendliness. Our production will become an integral part of any of your projects related to agriculture and gardening. Impregnated stakes don’t oxidize the soil and thus don’t harm garden and berry crops.

We guarantee a consistently high level of product quality, readiness to advise the client on issues related to the specifics of the product and we can also manufacture stakes of any needed dimensions, in accordance with the specifics of your project.  We are looking forward to cooperate with you!


We impregnate only pine wood products. Due to its natural structure, pinewood can be impregnated right down to the heartwood at all suitable moisture levels of wood, so the entire protective layer of the tree (sapwood) is completely impregnated. Spruce also can be considered as an alternative raw material but because of it`s natural structure, it’s impossible to provide deep impregnation of spruce at different moisture levels of wood (maximum impregnation depth — 5 mm). So the service life of wooden stakes depends on natural and technological features which endow the pine wood stakes with longer durability. Thus, Kenza-Wood uses spruce wood only for manufacturing unimpregnated products.

The manufacturing process is carried out on equipment that meets all modern European standards of quality and  performance.  In order to produce cylindered stakes we use the machines of the German manufacturer Wema Probst and the Polish Safo. Safo machines are also used for making debarked stakes and half rounded wooden rails.

Cylindered stakes

Wooden cylindered stakes are produced in the following way: the bark is removed by peeling wooden stake over its whole length (cylindrically). The top of the stake is chamfered; the bottom of the stake is sharpened in the form of a quadrangular pyramid.

Areas of use:

  • paddock fence
  • wildlife protection
  • pasture fence
  • vineyards
  • intensive gardens
  • planting stakes

We produce wooden cylindered stakes of the following dimensions:

  • diameter from 50 to 200 mm;
  • length up to 6 meters.

The other lengths and diameters can be made in accordance with customer`s order. Prices are available upon request.

Peeled stakes

Our company offers peeled stakes (wooden stakes without bark) produced
accordingly to this method: the bark is removed by peeling wooden stake over its whole length (not cylindrically). Top and bottom of the stake have different

  • The length ranging from 1 to 4 meters.
  • Diameter: 50-140 mm.

Areas of use:
▪ paddock fence
▪ wildlife protection
▪ pasture fence
▪ vineyards
▪ planting stakes
We also can make peeled stakes of another dimensions – please feel free to contact us and send your request.  Prices are available upon request.

*In order to produce cylindered and debarked stakes we mostly use pine wood because it is suitable for impregnation. However you also can order stakes made of spruce wood of the same dimensions as the pine wood stakes but not impregnated.

Half round wooden rails

The half round wooden rail is a multifunctional product that can be used for decorative gardening and fences, hedges or paddocks constructing. The half round rail can also be used as a material for exterior cladding, partitions or handrails. Half round rails are made of pine and spruce wood which is cylindered at first and then sawn longitudinally. The spruce half round rail in contrast to the pine half round rail is not impregnated and is available only in unimpregnated form.
We offer pine and spruce half round rails of the following dimensions:

  • Diameter from 50 to 140 mm;
  • Length from 1 to 6 meters.

Product prices are available upon request

The quality of impregnation

The quality of impregnation mostly depends on the type of wood, the special features of wood, moisture and the process of impregnation. Accordingly to customers needs there are several classes of wooden impregnation characterized by special features through which wooden products can be used for different purposes. We use only class 3 and 4.

Class 1

Can be used above the ground and in dry places covered by roof. There is a risk of insects infestation.

Class 2

Can be also used above the ground and in dry places covered by roof but may be affected by moisture.

Class 3

Can be used above the ground in wet uncovered places (e.g terraces). Also possible to use it in the ground which is not particularly wet.

Class 4

Used in the case of direct contact with water and in the particularly wet ground.

The stakes stored at out warehouse mostly are impregnated accordingly to the 3rd and the 4th class of treatment. Depending on various dimensions and places of use, the  lifetime of stakes impregnated in compliance with 3 class of treatment is 10 years. The thicker is the stake and the dryer and sandier is the ground, the longer will be product’s lifetime. Wooden stakes of the 4th class of impregnation can be used up to 25 years. In order to perform the qualitative impregnation of class 4, the following conditions should be observed:
• the stakes should be made of pine wood;
• the stakes should be dried before the impregnation – moisture level should not exceed 28%;
• during impregnation antiseptic should be considerably pressed until the maximal penetration up to the heartwood.

Pine stakes that have not passed the drying process before impregnation can absorb the antiseptic only on a small area — the protective layer (sapwood) will be impregnated partially.

All pinewood products of the company are deeply impregnated in autoclave through the «Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum» technology by using antiseptic «Tanalith-E».

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